Ten Things You Missed This Week #7

1. I’m at loathe to (a) make light of anything that resulted in people dying, and (b) link to the Courier Mail, but coming so soon on the heels of last week’s zombie apocalypse news, it’s hard to look at this spider attack in the Indian town of Sadiya and not think of a 1950s horror b-movie. As someone with a pretty intense fear of spiders, the most terrifying part of this story to me is how easily their behaviour was referred to as ‘highly aggressive’. (via Chris Bartlett)

RT @TheTweetOfGod Most homophobes are secretly gay. However, most arachnophobes are not secretly spiders.

2. It’s not like we don’t know that too much sun can damage your skin, but no study has been as instantly and clearly demonstrable as the extraoardinary face of this 69-year-old trucker. (via Chas Licciardello)

RT @davidehrlich as an Alien prequel, Rock of Ages just raises *way* more questions than it answers.

3. Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week and referred to cricket as a ‘gay sport’, making effeminate gestures to demonstrate how un-manly it was. So why is he now being praised by gay rights advocates? Because of this. (via David Chen)

RT @PunxsutawnyPhil My slack officemate has taken off early. He runs out the door yelling something about ‘wife’ and ‘labour’. Why do I care who she votes for?

4. I have to admit, there’s a big part of me that wants genetic scientists to go nuts. Let’s totally play god and just see what we can do, pushing science to its very limits as we laugh in the face of evolution and nature itself. Cloning a woolly mammoth is a very exciting step in that direction. (via Chas Licciardello)

RT @meganamram “I” before “e” except after “Old MacDonald had a farm”

5. I know we as a species have a tendency of anthropomorphising inanimate objects, but that doesn’t make this building any less surprised. (via Joe Lidster)

RT @ConanOBrien None of the new interns are ticklish, so that was awkward.

6. It’s going to be a generation or two until we’ve fully adjusted to how our lives are affected by social media. When a guy named Brian tried to pick up a girl he was seated next to on a flight, he probably didn’t realise what was about to happen. He didn’t know she was a model. Or that she’d be live-tweeting his futile attempts to her many followers. Or that, upon boasting that he was an actor, it would be easy for her followers to uncover his identity. Or that they’d also be able to find out he was married. Or that Buzzfeed would then publish it for all to see. (via Chas Licciardello)

RT @tracymorse2010 When Batman retires, out of all his villains, I think he’ll miss The Scarecrow most of all.

7. If you’re like me, you desperately wished you could play the video game featured in the brilliant season three Community episode Digital Estate Planning. And now we can, at very least, play an astonishingly-accurate demo recreation of that game.

RT @johnfreiler jesus just once i’d like to get a haircut and not have the barber ask “is this a wig” every 5 min WHY DON’T YOU JUST TELL EVERYBODY, JERK

8. This piece is from January, but it’s been picking up traction this past week, and in light of the second season finale of Game of Thrones, it’s definitely a timely read. I desperately want to quote the best bits of this ‘12 Reasons to Boycott Game of Thrones in 2012’ article by ChristWire, but there are just too many. Find and quote your favourite one! (via Tony Morris) (UPDATE: Apparently ChristWire is a parody website. And a damned good one too! Although, it says a lot about the crazy extremists when you can’t tell the parody from the genuine.)

RT @leducviolet when you end up fucking your shrink it’s called a psychiatrist

9. This week we heard of the tragic death of a man who inspired millions of minds with his artistic genius. I’m speaking, of course, of the creative pioneer Mr Trololo. (via Cerise Howard)

RT @LukeWMcGregor If I ever met the Queen I would say ‘Well if it isn’t my arch nemesis!’ and see if she runs with it. #diamondjubilee

10. But second to the death of Mr Trololo was the news that science fiction writing genius Ray Bradbury had passed on. As sad as it is when a great artist dies, it is nice to see everyone debating the artist’s greatest work, in the process pointing others to works they may not yet have seen. And how often do you get the President of the United States talking up a science fiction writer? (For the record, my personal favourite Bradbury is the short story A Scent of Sarsaparilla, which I will be digging out for a re-read as possible.)

RT @LadytronMusic “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” ― Ray Bradbury

If you’re going to read something to pay tribute to Bradbury, why not track down his seminal 1954 short story All Summer In A Day, about schoolkids living on Venus who only get to see the sun once every seven years? Given we just got to see Venus pass in front of the sun for the first time in eight years (and the last time for 105 years), it seems doubly apt. And impossibly beautiful.

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  1. #8 – This seems like a perfect application of Poe’s Law – that any perfect instance of parody is indistinguishable from that which it is parodying.

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