Ten Things You Missed This Week #13

1. An online quiz in which you have to guess whether a given quote came from a member of the Taliban or the Republican party sounds like partisan trolling, but I gave it a shot – answering in a genuine, non-snarky manner – and only got four questions out of about ten right. How will you do? (via Ian Andrew Bell)

RT @ieatanddrink A lot of times I don’t even swallow my drinks, I just pour them in my mouth and walk around like that forever

2. If there was anything good to come out of US comedian Daniel Tosh’s rape joke controversy, it’s the commentary and reactions that have turned outrage into a pretty fascinating conversation about where the line is and why. We’ll never reach a consensus, but I think we can all agree that some of the responses have been incredible, from The Onion’s incisive takedown, to Jezebel’s enlightening How To Make a Rape Joke, to comedian’s Curtis Luciani’s brilliant analogy. All definitely worth the time. (via Lindy West and Em & Lo)

RT @meganamram I hate always being picked last for the Human Centipede 🙁

3. I genuinely judge books by their covers. Well, when I say “judge”, I don’t mean in terms of a qualitative evaluation, but in terms of whether I’m going to buy it. It’s as good a method as any if you want to go in to a new book blind, and I’ve had some incredible discoveries (and one or two abysmal failures). But, to my dismay, I’ve never made the presumptive leaps that Sunny Chanel’s six-year-old did when asked to describe the plots to books based solely on their covers. It’s quite literal, but very amusing. (via Jess Lomas)

RT @MelissaStetten I do this thing where I cry in my car, it’s called cryving.

4. When I got sick the other week, it helped illustrate to me the enormous gap in attitudes between Australia and the US when it comes to healthcare. I’ve been watching the ongoing Obamacare debate with a deep fascination and, more often than not, horror. Is 83% of doctors considering quitting their profession thanks to Obamacare? This piece on Politifact suggests not. Meanwhile, the New York Times refutes five commonly-repeated myths. Come on, guys, it shouldn’t be this hard! (via Eric D Snider and Roger Ebert)

RT @serafinowicz A famous actor is attached to my script. I think my stapler is broken.

5. It’s difficult to get a handle on how something as intangible as internet industries can generate such vast fortunes, and depending on how you read it, this piece will either help explain it or create further confusion. Those of you sick of Facebook constantly tweaking its format will be interested to see how its changes have killed a multi-million dollar industry. (via Andrew Kaczynski)

RT @Lawrence_Miles Popular singer-songwriter Labrinth is only doing twelve live gigs in the UK this summer. So it’s a Minor-Tour for our Labrinth. BAM!

6. You wouldn’t think outer space has a smell, would you? You’d be wrong. (via Chas Licciardello)


7. Child abuse is never funny… except when it comes in the form of white trash names. (There’s actually one name in here which really shouldn’t be, and not just because friends of mine used it when naming their youngest. But the rest are hilarious and terrible.) (via Dave Lamb)

RT @scullymike Took kids to Pearl Harbor today to remind them of tragedy of where “Battleship” was filmed.

8. Are film critics entitled babies? Actually, a few are. I’ve seen some pretty horrible behaviour in my time, and I do think that, collectively, we tend to overstate our importance in the grand scheme of things… but… there are few things more misguided than a filmmaker sounding off against critics when he feels they’ve turned against him. Just like US film critic Scott Weinberg, I remain a fan of Kevin Smith, even amidst some of the ridiculous rubbish he’s been spouting about what critics do. Take a read of Weinberg’s articulate destruction of Smith’s argument. (via Scott Weinberg)

RT @spc1965 What part of “What part of what don’t you understand?” don’t you understand?

9. I know this is going to sound achingly hipster of me, but my favourite on-screen adaptation of Batman remains the brilliant animated series from the 1990s. So what would The Dark Knight Rises look like if it was performed by that series’ voice cast? (via Flickering Myth)

RT @robfee What if Mitt Romney is actually a cool guy & is hiding his tax returns because they contain Batman spoilers?

10. I’m fascinated by the emergence of 3D printing – commercially-available printers that can print physical, three-dimensional objects – mostly because we can’t possibly imagine all of the applications it will have in the future. And printing out keys to get out of police handcuffs is the hilarious tip of the iceberg. (via New Scientist)

RT @nice_mustard god made man in his image. he was like “apparently i am a fucked up ape creature who makes weapons out of everything & gets boners a lot” 

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