The Best Films of 2017

Do I mean best or favourite? Since art is entirely subjective and there can be no objective measure of success outside of the financial, obviously I mean best.

The two pieces of 2017 art that moved me the most were the new series of Twin Peaks, and the album Whiteout Conditions by The New Pornographers. But some of the movies were pretty good too. I dug Logan, Lucky and Logan Lucky. I enjoyed Wonder Women, Wonderstruck and Wonder Wheel, but missed Wonder and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. I saw Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge and Alice Lowe’s Prevenge. I enjoyed Gerald’s Game, and waited for Molly’s Game. I started the year with1994’s Ladybird Ladybird and ended it with 2017’s Lady Bird. It’s important to maintain variety.

My approach to release dates is haphazard and designed to annoy. There are some 2016 films that were not released in Australia until 2017. There are some 2017 films that won’t be released in Australia until 2018. And there are some 1992 films that trump everything released this year because nobody’s figured out how to make a film better than Sneakers.

Also, I do a film podcast. It’s good. You should listen.

All right. On with it. From my arbitrarily-numbered yet mandatorily-divisible-by-five list of favourite films, it hurt to cut: Moonlight, 20th Century Women, Prevenge, Colossal.

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Confused About How To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage?

Hi there.

If, by some remarkable twist of fate, you are: (a) Australian; (b) enrolled to vote; (c) legitimately unsure of how to vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey; (d) unwilling to talk to anyone about your misgivings because most people have made up their mind already and you’re afraid of being yelled at; (e) lost and have accidentally stumbled upon my website… then I say welcome! And I’d like to direct you to the Contact tab just above.

If you feel like speaking with someone in private about why you’re unsure of how to vote, if you want to ask questions of any kind, if you want to talk the whole thing through without being judged for your uncertainty, please feel free to email me and we’ll chat. Shoot me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If I can help just one person figure out their thoughts on this issue, then my level of influence remains sadly on-brand.