Heartbreak and Chaos Under the Christmas Tree

Here’s me pointing at Eva Orner’s book, because I don’t understand how perspective works. Also, you should probably get Eva’s book as well.

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your loved one or friend or colleague? Well, bad luck. There’s no such thing as the perfect present. The best you can hope for is some trinket that bypasses the look of confusion, disgust and contempt that flashed onto the recipient’s face when that key piece of wrapping paper is finally torn from the body of the gift.

In that spirit, consider giving the human beings in your life a copy of my book Double Dissolution: Heartbreak and Chaos on the Campaign Trail. If they like politics, jokes, travelogues or sad white men complaining about their marriage breakdown, then this is honestly the only thing worth getting. You can find a physical copy in most bookstores and digital copies on most websites, probably.

Buy a copy right now by clicking here.


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