Inherent Advice

I probably should have written something about this a week ago, but I was busy with radio shows and things. Had I not been busy with radio shows and things I would have had time to blog about it, but then there wouldn’t have been anything to blog about. It’s a sort of catch-22, you see.

Over the Summer, I am co-hosting a show on Melbourne’s Triple R called Inherent Advice. Marian Blythe and I will be examining modern relationships through the prism of pop culture and the prism of special guests provided the guests are transparent and can refract light.

Have the movies and television lied to us about how our relationships should look? Have we accepted terrible advice about how to resolve conflicts? Are we living our lives all wrong?

Last week we talked about relationships in the workplace, and you can listen to that right now. This week we’re talking about family relationships, and we’ll be airing live each Tuesday from 7pm for the next few weeks. And if you need any help with a problem in your life, head over to our Facebook page and ask us about it and we’ll endeavour to give you guidance that’s even worse than the pop culture you consume.

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