Batman vs Iron Man


I say Batman vs Iron Man, but it’s more specific than that. In fact, it’s Iron Man Three vs Batman Forever. From the moment I saw Iron Man Three, the thing that struck me – aside from how damn great it was – was that it was, in a surprising number of ways, identical to the 1995 classi– er, film Batman Forever.

I briefly suggested the similarities when we talked IM3 on Hell Is For Hyphenates, and I’ve tried arguing my case a few times in conversation, but I don’t think I’ve ever successfully convinced anyone that they’re pretty much the same film. So I’ve decided to prove my thesis via captioned screenshots.

Sceptical? Or, if you’re in North America, skeptical? Then read on and prepare to be convinced, nerds.

01 Title Card02 Director04 Meet Our Hero05 Jon Favreau 107 Nerd08 Rejected Nerd09 Brain Lady03 Different Actor

10 Villain Appears11 News Channel12 Lonely Kid13 Suave14 Brain31 Awoken


15 Underwater

06 Snooty Butler

16 Split Personality

17 Cahoots18 Flashback19 Kidnapped20 New Suit21 Destruction22 Suit Destruction23 Sidekick24 Sidekick Name25 Floating Structure26 Suspended27 Falling28 She's Okay

32 Facial Distortion

29 Intimate Moment30 Ironic Music

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