Batman vs Iron Man


I say Batman vs Iron Man, but it’s more specific than that. In fact, it’s Iron Man Three vs Batman Forever. From the moment I saw Iron Man Three, the thing that struck me – aside from how damn great it was – was that it was, in a surprising number of ways, identical to the 1995 classi– er, film Batman Forever.

I briefly suggested the similarities when we talked IM3 on Hell Is For Hyphenates, and I’ve tried arguing my case a few times in conversation, but I don’t think I’ve ever successfully convinced anyone that they’re pretty much the same film. So I’ve decided to prove my thesis via captioned screenshots.

Sceptical? Or, if you’re in North America, skeptical? Then read on and prepare to be convinced, nerds. Continue reading

Looking For Batman

No superhero franchise is truly whole until it becomes a trilogy, and sometimes not even then. But the makers of the Viggo Mortensen-starring Looking For Magneto, and its sequel, the Carey Mulligan vehicle Looking For Spider-man, have rounded off their series with the biggest instalment yet: Nicole Kidman in Looking For Batman.

Some long-standing arcs from the first two instalments are finally (and very subtly, I might add) paid off.