The Best Films of 2023

If the whole point of sharing lists of favourite films and artworks is to present a sort of mosaicked personal biography, then the list below absolutely and completely does not do that. It in no way reflects the entirely unclassifiable 2023 that I… I want to say “enjoyed”, but that’s not entirely accurate. Let’s say experienced. When I track the films I watched over the moments I lived, I find zero correlation. No pattern. A dearth of parallels. And I don’t really want to get into the personal, so telling you about the films I saw is the preferable route.

Speaking of routes, I spent much of this year visiting the world’s largest movie theme park – America – and over the course of about six months visited every state in the union, beginning with Hawaii and finishing with Alaska, and driving 21,000 miles (or 33,600 kilometres) around the remaining forty-eight states. Plus a bit of Canada.

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