Finally! Another website!

What does it say about you when you start a website that has your name in the URL? That you’re desperately trying to brand yourself as some sort of online destination? That you beat a squatter to the punch? That this is the first step of an ego trip that will end in the colonisation of Pandora?

In my case, it’s all about consolidation. I’ve been spreading myself across the internet like some sort of cinema-themed bacteria, and I have trouble remembering where I put everything, so this is Ground Zero for Things I Do. No need for me to trawl through bookmarks or Google things I might have written in order to find a piece of work; it’ll all be here.

It’s also going to serve as an outlet for the things I write that sensible editors don’t want to publish. A “web log” of sorts. A “wlog”.

So, welcome to my new website. It’s mostly for me, but you guys can totally use it too.